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[Some of my experiences]

Portfolio Website

This is the first ever portfolio site I have ever made in HTML, CSS, Tailwind & JavaScript. This is currently the portfolio site you are viewing right now. In this website I showcase my skills, projects, experiences and tell a little bit about myself.

Kassa System

This is a kassa system that I made in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP & SQL. This system is used to keep track of the products that are being ordered and it saves the data in a fully functional MySQL database. Think of data like customer details, date & time, total price etc.

Ethical Webshop

This is a webshop meant for Ethical clothing. This is made in HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, PHP, Laravel & SQL. I used the PHP framework Laravel where I got a basic understanding of Laravel. Storing data in a secure manner, Having the ability to make an account and all the goods that you can do in a webshop.

Students List

This is a list of sample students. This is kind of an admin page for a teacher to manage his students. The data of the students are stored in a MySQL Database. The admin can hover over the card names to see the full name, email and phone number and even send a message within the form. You can also search and sort.

Flower Shop

This is a flower shop that was made in HTML, CSS & JavaScript. It is supposed to be a webapp so It's fully optimized for mobile devices. This was the first ever project that was made with a team of 4 people with everyone working on different aspects of the same product.

2FA System

This is a login system that I made which is supposed to be secured with two-factor authentication. It used a self made API and database with hashed data and CRUD operations.

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